Build Web Applications with Sort

Sort is the easiest way to build decentralized applications. Integrate data from smart contracts directly into your application with only a few lines of code, everything just works. All data is served in real-time, including push notifications for any contract event. Sort is building a development platform that is simple to use, and will help with the next wave of web developers utilizing onchain data.

  • Create rich applications using Ethereum or Polygon data from the Sort API
  • Quickly determine what a smart contract transaction did
  • View decoded transactions and transaction logs
  • Use SQL to query data across multiple transactions
  • View contract names and decimals with a simple SQL join

Sort makes it simple to write dApps

All it takes is HTML and Sort to write a full decentralized application. Start with a contract address and get access to a complete developer toolkit for that contract. Cut and paste HTML/Javascript code directly into your front end application to see live blockchain data. Sort makes it simple to write decentralized applications.

Getting Started with Sort