NFT Metadata

Sort crawls and makes all metadata available for NFT contracts. Sort watches for new mints from the NFT contracts and then retrieves the metadata for the NFT. Metadata is made available via Sort SQL (nft_metadata table)

As an example, say we want to retrieve the image uri for a specific token:

-- get the image uri
SELECT image_uri 
FROM ethereum.nft_metadata 
WHERE contract_address = '0x887f3909c14dabd9e9510128ca6cbb448e932d7f' 
  AND token_id = 571 

-- see in what transaction hash it was last updated
SELECT image_uri, transaction_hash 
FROM ethereum.nft_metadata nft, ethereum.transaction_id t
WHERE nft.last_updated_transaction_id = 
  AND contract_address = '0x887f3909c14dabd9e9510128ca6cbb448e932d7f' 
  AND token_id = 571