Real Time Notifications

Sort uses Pusher to manage all real-time notifications, which makes it extremely easy to integrate with almost any application.


Real-time notifications are only supported for sponsored contracts.


# You'll first need to install the pusher dependency from npm
npm install pusher


// To listen to Sort's real-time notifications, construct your pusher 
// instance with the following Sort id.
const SORT_PUSHER_ID = 'ac91a1d4157ccb9e4203';

const pusher = new Pusher(SORT_PUSHER_ID, { cluster: 'us2' });

Listening for events

// To listen for new contract transactions, subscribe() to the contract address
// and bind() to the 'new' event.

const channel = pusher.subscribe('CONTRACT_ADDRESS')

// Listen for new events
channel.bind('new', (transaction) => {
  console.log("New decoded transaction", transaction);


Read more about Pusher in their documentation.