Sponsored Contract Pricing

We believe in aligning incentives to work closely with contract authors, to grow development communities together. When a contract is "sponsored" on Sort, there are three primary benefits:

  • Simplify: Sort is your complete backend-as-a-service, no servers to maintain.
  • Hosting: Host your app on decentralized hosting providers with our disposable read-only API keys
  • Attract Developers: Developers can access contract data for free on Sort, once the contract is sponsored we open up contract data to everyone.

By working together with contract authors, we're helping drive more developers to their contract, and in-turn, drive more transactions (how most contract authors make revenue).

Sponsored Contract Benefits
Only $9/month, $99/year when paid with USDC or ETH
Rate-limited, read access for any applications in your community
SQL API for real-time contract data
Push notifications for contract events
Timed read-only contract function calls
NFT metadata and attributes
Query latest 25k transactions with SQL, and all logs/events (only $9 per additional 25k transactions)

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