Manage Labels

Categorize your Issues using Labels

Labels are useful for categorizing Issues. A set of default Labels is provided for each database which you can edit and you can also create your own personalized Labels too! One or more Labels can be assigned to an Issue (e.g. 'Data Fix', 'Query Help', 'Question').

Create a Label

  1. Navigate to your database (Organizations -> Databases -> Database Name)
  2. In the left nav, click on "Labels"
  3. Click "New Label"
  4. Select a color for your Label with the color selector
  5. Choose a Label name and description
  6. Click 'Create Label'
Create a new label

Create a new Label

Edit a label

  1. Navigate to "Labels" in the navigation
  2. Select the Label you would like to edit (only members of an Organization my edit Labels)
  3. Modify color, name, or description values
  4. Click "Update Label"