Better Data through Collaboration

Sort is your team's data collaboration tool to share and improve data.

A shared workspace for SQL queries

Improve communication between teams and focus on the data. Easily save queries, name and describe them, and share them with your organization.

View databases with the ease of Github permissions

Choose to keep databases private and invite specific team members, outside collaborators, or open the database up to the world by making it public. Sort gives you the ease of Github-style permissions in managing your database.

All Snowflake and Postgres databases in one place

Sort makes it easy to add Postgres and Snowflake database connections, and query them all from a single interface. View and share queries across the system, without leaving Sort.

Navigate SQL databases with the ease of a spreadsheet

Not a SQL expert? Not a problem. Sort was designed to make it easy to navigate a SQL database, similar to navigating a spreadsheet.

What’s Next

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