Neon Serverless Postgres

Instructions for adding your Neon Postgres connection string into your Sort organization.

Please email [email protected] if there are any issues.

  1. Navigate to your Neon project dashboard
  2. Under the Connection Details -> Connection String area, click 'Parameters Only'
  3. Within your Sort Organization -> Settings -> Connections, click '+ Add' and select Postgres
  1. Fill in the following details for the connection from Neon
    1. Host: Copy the PGHOST value from Neon (without quotes)
    2. Post: 5432
    3. Database: Copy the PGDATABASE value from Neon (without quotes)
    4. Username: Copy the PGUSER value from Neon (without quotes)
    5. Password: Copy the PGPASSWORD value from Neon (without quotes)
      1. The password value is hidden by default, click the small eye symbol in the bottom right to reveal it, before copying the value to Sort