Sort's Vision and Roadmap

Sort's long-term vision is to make databases accessible, whether within your organization or the world. We are making it easy to share, collaborate, and build on top of data. We're starting with collaboration, but we're excited to see where we can take this.

Collaborate on data and schema changes

Poorly planned database changes can crash applications. Sort provides a full workflow for proposing database changes (for both data and schema), approval workflows, and change management for database environments. If you’re familiar with pull requests and social coding, imagine that for databases.

Customer reported data issues

Create and manage data issues reported by users. Allow users to be specific, even annotating a specific row and column. Resolve issues via data Change Requests in Sort and propagate to various environments.

Easily save, tag, fork and share your queries

Most organizations today are sharing SQL queries via text files. Sort makes it easy for your team to share and collaborate on queries:

  • All your queries in one place
  • Fork existing queries instead of starting from scratch
  • Share new queries with your team
  • Tag queries to improve discovery
  • Collaborate on query results

Stay organized and keep database queries managed and understood by your team.

Open up databases for contributions

Invite outside collaborators to add or edit data, or open up your database to the world for contributions! With Sort, your existing database becomes as collaborative as you need without having to migrate to a new platform. Whether you're managing a globally public blockchain database or a community managed database of events, Sort has you covered.


Sort is designed to quickly integrate into your workplace. Whether you're using Slack, Github Actions or even custom auditing software, integration with Sort is a breeze with our webhooks. And no worries, we didn't forget about your favorite AI or LLM either.