Our Vision

Sort is working to simplify web3 application development, so every engineer, regardless of skill level or location, can create powerful web3 solutions.

Web3 application development should be easy and fun, ushering in the next wave of applications powered by programmable money.

Start with UI Components

We'll start with UI components for Web3 applications, to give users an easy and intuitive way to build their front-ends. There is a lot of hidden complexity in creating front ends for contracts on the blockchain, otherwise known as decentralized applications (dApps). We'll work to hide the complexity, but make it available for advanced users.

We can't dream up all the UI components that will be needed, but we'll get it started. We'll then enable community UI components, so advanced use cases will be easy for any developer to plug in to their application.

We'll organize the UI components by contract address / application, to make discovery, management, and usage easy.

Support Hybrid Applications

We don't believe all data must be on-chain, and we'll work to enable writing application data off-chain, to join with on-chain data. This enables a variety of web3 use cases including gaming, advanced NFT applications, community features, and more.

Most importantly, hybrid applications can be a bridge for web2 developers into web3, as they begin writing data off-chain, they'll get more comfortable with writing data on-chain.

The Easy Button for Web3 Application Deployment

We believe in framework-driven-infrastructure. We'll create a Sort framework to define the infrastructure of an application, and automatically provision infrastructure based on the framework, including support of server side rendering.

When requirements are met, we believe de-centralization wins. We'll work hard to decentralize all of our infrastructure after we've ensured we're meeting the needs of our users, and the technical details of decentralization are a win for Sort developers.